So you’ve got a private jet. What now? Introducing a better cabin experience. You spend a lot of time in the air. What if you could make the most of that time in a simple elegant way?

Welcome to the do EXPERIENCE.

The do EXPERIENCE creates an entertainment experience just like your living room. Movies you’re dying to see. Music you love to hear. Effortless cabin control. And that’s just the beginning.

The core of the do EXPERIENCE is the do CAPSULE, a leading edge wireless streamer. The do CAPSULE let’s passengers use tablets, laptops, and smart phones to enjoy entertainment through onboard wifi. The content is stored on the do CAPSULE. No expensive internet required.

Passengers can enjoy a richly detailed worldwide moving map. This high-resolution map is fully interactive. Allowing you to pinch zoom and explore your surroundings.

Installation is fast and easy so aircraft downtime is kept to a minimum.

How can jet operators offer up-to-date entertainment?

Introducing do360.

Part of the do EXPERIENCE, do360 is a monthly subscription service that provides Movies you’re dying to see. Music you love to hear. And that’s just the beginning.

Do360 is a flat rate service.

DRM compliant entertainment for all the major studios delivered to your door on a solid-state drive. do360 has movies, tv shows, music, books, magazines and even games.

If you want to scale back a bit, FDS offers do180 and do90. do180 offers fewer movies, TV programs, music and games. do90 has movies, TV programs, and music.

Whichever you choose, there’s plenty of entertainment for those long flights.

Imaging following your flight in rich 3D detail from your tablet or laptop.

Let us introduce you to do3D.

Part of the do EXPERIENCE, do 3D lets passengers explore new dimensions in moving maps.

  • Pan 360 degrees.
  • Get a gorgeous top-down view.
  • Watch instruments.
  • Get flight data.
  • See takeoffs and landings.

Interact with the map and explore your surroundings.

Do3D also shows you points of interest. With do3D, you can immerse yourself in your surroundings like never before.

Welcome to the thinnest, lightest, most elegant aircraft displays in the industry. With greater performance, updated technology and more features than any LCD we’ve ever released.

Introducing the EDGE Series High-Definition LCDs.

At one inch thin, these are the thinnest displays in aviation. Lightweight and whisper quiet, the EDGE Series rivals any display in your office or living room.

The bezel attaches magnetically and can be finished to match any décor.

Flexible in appearance and flexible in installation, you can choose a variety of video inputs.

Encased in thin elegance, millions of pixels immerse you in bright, beautiful colors.

Introducing the EDGE Series 4K.

At two inches thin, these are the thinnest 4K displays in the industry. Lightweight and whisper quiet, the EDGE Series 4K rivals displays in the office or living room. Perfect for any décor, the EDGE Series 4K has a customizable bezel.

Flexible in appearance and flexible in installation, choose from HDMI or DisplayPort video sources.

The EDGE Series 4K can display four HD sources on the screen simultaneously.

The EDGE Series displays are the future of in-flight entertainment

This is the do EXPERIENCE.

This is the new FDS.