Update the Cabin Management System in your Global Express

The Global Express Cabin Management System may require controls for galley equipment and lavatory functions. The roomier cabin can accommodate larger High-Definition displays. The Smart Cabin CMS lets passengers control all of this. It also provides wireless entertainment, productivity file sharing, and Moving Map.

do CAPSULE Wireless Media Streamer

JetJukeBox iPaddo CAPSULE is a wireless media streamer designed for aircraft cabin collaboration. do CAPSULE uses your aircraft’s wireless router to create a wireless network server. Includes our world-wide Moving Map.

High-Definition Monitors

High-Definition MonitorsOptional 14” to 22” high-definition, widescreen bulkhead or credenza monitors provide crisp, clear and color accurate images.

Dual USB Charger

Dual USB ChargerOur Dual USB Charger provides 5V DC for full charging capability for carry-on devices such as smart phones, tablets, and other personal electronics.

Cabin Control Modules

Single, two, and three button multifunction switch panels consisting of intuitive, crystal-clear OLED screens can be customized to control a variety of information and entertainment needs from anywhere in the cabin.

VIP Touchscreen Controllers

3-inch high-resolution, touchscreen with a single large display. These fully operational screens are typically used at the VIP seat.

Typical CMS Installation for a Lear 60