Our Dual Aircraft USB Charger Wins STC Approval

ALPHARETTA, Georgia  — Flight Display Systems is pleased to announce a new Dual Aircraft USB Charger (FDPWRU28-2), which has received FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval. The Dual USB Charger provides 5.2V DC for full power and fast charging capability to carry-on devices such as media players, smart phones, tablets, and other personal electronics. What makes this USB Charger unique is that it features an internal fan for cool operation. Keeping the component cool means that it will provide a consistent power supply to the charging device(s). This new model also has a 2-pin Molex connector, which is easier to install.

Dual USB Charger - FDPWRU28-2

This is such a simple item, but very important. It offers convenience to passengers by letting them arrive with their devices fully charged.

Personal electronic devices can be used in flight, while they charge. The Dual USB Charger is compatible with the latest Apple, Android, and Windows personal electronic devices. It converts standard aircraft 28V to 5.2V. It works well in the cockpit or the cabin. The Dual USB adapter does not provide data communication or syncing, only power.

Spec sheets and manuals for the Dual USB Charger can be found here.