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Warranty Policy

Download Warranty Form Here All FDS Avionics products are warranted to be free from material or manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of shipment for General Aviation customers or 12 months from the date of shipment for Government/Special Mission customers. Any material or repair workmanship for in warranty repair service will […]


How do I add a Swivel Base to my Flipper aircraft LCD?

These instructions apply to the 7-inch Flipper, FD90AID-7. Place the display in the stowed position. Remove the existing (6) 4-40 x ¼” flat head black oxide screws from the mounting plate. Be careful to hold the mounting plate & torsion spring in place. Do not remove the mounting plate from its position as the torsion […]


What is included in the ship kit or installation kit for each product?

Here’s some of the ship kit contents for some of our more popular products. Check the other sections (such as iPad) for more installation kits: DAPS321 – i. 1 – DB09 Female Connector Kit ii. 16 – RCA Connectors iii. 1 – 240-2072-ND Ferrite with instructions iv. 1 – CD Manual DAPS350 – i. 1 […]


Why do I have a bad composite/HDMI picture on the FD800JBOX?

If a bad signal or no signal is viewed on the monitor, it is likely that the Jukebox is selected to the wrong video output. The Jukebox is capable of both composite and HDMI video output but not simultaneously. The operator must use the TV/System button on the remote to toggle between the outputs.


What is the difference between the DAPS440 and DAPS440-SW?

The DAPS440-SW will maintain memory of which channel is selected. It can be used with a special momentary ground switch that can show exactly which video input is being used (Map, Cam, DVD1, DVD2 etc.). The DAPS440 will allow you to cycle 4 sources but they will be listed as 1,2,3 and 4.