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Which Resolutions are Supported?

The HD-DVR from Flight Display Systems supports these signaling rates: NTSC – NTSC 720×480 at 30 fields per second. 720P50 – HD 1280×720 at 50 fields per second (PAL). 720P60 – HD 1280×720 at 60 fps (NTSC). 1080i50 – HD 1920×540 at 50 fps (PAL). 1080i60 – HD 1920×540 at 60 fps (NTSC).


How do I download the files from the CompactFlash card to my computer?

If you computer does not already have a CompactFlash card reader, a “USB 2.0 CompactFlash Reader” can be puchased to download the CompactFlash card. The price is typically between $15 and $100. The best one we have found is manufactured by Vantec and called NexStar Universal Storage Adapter. The manufacturer’s part number is CB-ISATACR.


Why do I have a black screen or no video displayed by the FDHDR200?

More than likely the setting is not correct for the camera in use. The FDHDR is capable of recording both 720P at 60 Herttz and 1080i at 30 Hertz. The setting can be configured in the FDHDR200.INI file located in the FD-HDSDICF directory on the C drive. Using a keyboard and mouse plugged into the […]


Is there a marker or bookmark feature?

Yes, bookmarks can be played during playback. You can cycle through the bookmarks during playback, and dub video segments between the bookmarks that have been placed.


Is there analog audio output on the HD-DVR?

The standard unit has 2 channels of 600 Ohm audio. This includes both input and output. Line level audio input and output is available but not standard. Please contact Flight Display Systems for more information.