Can the FDHDR250 include Night Vision Compliance?

Yes, the FDDVRCNTL is offered in a Night Vision Compliant version. There is an additional $1,000 charge for this.

What is the boot-up time of the HD-DVR?

The boot-up time for the FDHDR200 and FDHDR250 is approximately 60 to 90 seconds.

What happens if no camera input is detected?

If there is no camera input detected at start-up, the DVR will display a “No Camera” message on the main menu. If the camera input signal s lost during recording, the DVR has a popup message that notifies the user. Frames resume recording when the camera signal is detected again.

Which file format is used for the video capture?

We use MPEG-4 encoding in MOV file format. The bit rates are listed below for each resolution and menu bit rate settings:

NTSC/PAL Standard Definition

Low – 2500 KB/s
Medium – 3000 KB/s
High – 3500 KB/s

Low – 4000 KB/s
Medium – 5000 KB/s
High – 6000 KB/s

Low – 5000 KB/s
Medium – 7000 KB/s
High – 7000 KB/s