FDS and ICG Collaborate on an Enhanced Wireless In-flight Entertainment Solution

Integrated system combines ICG eRouter with FDS JetJukebox for greater capacity and flexibility

Dallas, Texas–April 10, 2015 — ICG (International Communications Group, Inc.) and FDS Avionics have announced an enhanced in-flight entertainment solution for business aircraft that combines ICG’s powerful eRouter with FDS’s next generation JetJukebox wireless media streaming device. The integrated system will provide passengers with the ability to easily share a variety of content choices, experience exceptional audio quality and video resolution, and take full advantage of their personal devices.

“We are always pleased when we are able to match our products with our industry partners to meet the ever growing demand for reliable in-flight entertainment,” noted Tim Rayl, ICG’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The first installations of this integrated solution were a huge success and we look forward to providing more customers with the same user experience.”

“This collaboration represents the next step in our continuing effort to provide our customers with the most advanced, affordable, and capable IFE systems on the market,” said Reed Macdonald, CEO of FDS Avionics. “We’re extremely pleased to be working with the company that has established such an outstanding reputation as the industry leader in the development of scalable voice and data routing products.”

ICG’s eRouter offers many features found in a typical corporate office networks. Designed specifically to meet aviation standards and requirements, it provides routing capabilities for cabin connectivity for personal electronic devices and can be configured to offer enhanced features such as data transfer using acceleration and compression software. It can even provide access for multiple Local Area Network clients, as well as Wide Area Network connectivity to multiple communications networks such as GSM, Inmarsat, SBB, Ka/Ku, Iridium and other networks.

The JetJukebox wireless media streamer opens a wealth of entertainment and productivity possibilities. It connects to the eRouter and streams movies, music, and more to as many as eight tablets, smart phones, or computers. It supports iOS, Android, or Windows. Content can include video, audio, photos, or productivity files like PowerPoint. JetJukebox does not require an expensive internet connection to stream. Files are stored on a fast, solid-state drive. JetJukebox also includes a High-resolution Worldwide Moving Map which includes flight position, speed, altitude, time to arrival, and more. Additional information on JetJukebox can be obtained by visiting exhibit space 733 the AEA Convention.

About ICG (AEA Booth # 119)
ICG, of Newport News, Va. is a recognized leader within the aerospace industry, in the development and manufacture of aeronautical communications systems and data routing solutions for the General Aviation and Air Transport industries. ICG’s products provide satellite-based global voice and data telecommunications services for both cabin requirements and flight deck operations. Implementation of ICG avionics provides a comprehensive communications solution that can be customized for any size airframe or application. Products include: CTU systems, corded and cordless handsets, single- and multi-channel Iridium systems and data management devices. Markets for ICG products are the aerospace, military and maritime industries. ICG, a major Iridium value-added manufacturer (VAM) and value-added reseller (VAR), has developed a wide range of Iridium-based solutions and products for mobile satellite communications applications. ICG is an approved FAA manufacturing facility and operates an FAA approved repair station.

About FDS Avionics (AEA Booth # 733)
FDS designs and manufactures innovative cabin management and in-flight entertainment technologies that enable mobile VIPs to easily collaborate and share information in a simple, intuitive way. FDS also engineers rugged audio/video technology for military and special mission applications. FDS is an approved FAA manufacturing facility and operates an FAA approved repair station.