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As an entertainment device, JetJukebox is capable of streaming High-Definition videos to passengers. Additionally, it provides a platform to share office productivity files and allows passengers to view the Moving Map. JetJukebox empowers you with everything necessary to connect, stay informed, be entertained, and manage the aircraft cabin environment. It is a solution that provides streaming content to passengers with carry-on devices such as tablets, laptops, and smart phones.

JetJukebox Provides Wireless Streaming Content

The JetJukebox can be connected to a low power, test Wi-Fi router or a permanently installed, certified Wi-Fi router sold by Aircell®, True North® or other manufacturers. Users simply connect to the Wi-Fi, type in the web address of the JetJukebox, and navigate the built-in interface to access the content. The USB ports can be used to play back content stored directly on a thumb drive or USB hard drive. The USB ports are also used to load additional content onto the internal 1 Terabyte (1TB) solid-state drive.

The JetJukebox basically works as a file server. A wide variety of data can be served from a USB drive, including documents from Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Any readable file can be shared from the JetJukebox.

JetJukebox Works With Any Device

Because the interface is browser-based, users can stream content to a wide variety of carry-on personal electronics devices – such as iPads®, iPhones®, smart phones, laptop computers and tablets. The vast majority of aircraft passengers board with some sort of personal electronic device, like the iPad. Facilitating the use of these devices while on board is an important part of a well-planned in-flight entertainment system.

JetJukebox also includes the popular World Wide Moving Map, allowing passengers to follow the progress of the aircraft on a detailed map. The Moving Map provides flight data such as position, speed, altitude, time to arrival, and more.

JetJukebox Does Not Require an Expensive Internet Connection

JetJukebox stores content on high-performance internal or external drives. Passengers access that content simply by connecting to the aircraft Wi-Fi network, just like in the home or office. Local storage means fast access. As many as eight passengers can stream eight different videos simultaneously.

Providing access to a Wi-Fi network is becoming more commonplace. Most passengers, however, equate Wi-Fi connectivity with internet connectivity. This doesn’t have to be the case. Aircraft internet is very expensive and generally has poor performance. Even the fastest aircraft internet solutions are very slow as compared to home/office usage. Forget streaming videos or surfing large-scale websites.

JetJukebox provides the perfect solution for a robust, wireless in-flight entertainment system.

JetJukebox is the Core of the Smart Cabin CMS
Smart Cabin is the convergence of innovative cabin management, in-flight entertainment, and wireless connectivity. VIPs can control and manage full 1080p High-Definition video equipment, cabin lighting, shades, galley and more. Flight Display Systems works with VIP clients to create the perfect solution. VIPs enjoy a seamless in-flight experience with the most up-to-date technology.

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