Smart Cabin CMS can be integrated easily into any type of aircraft and it’s flexible enough to be configured to owner specifications.

Here’s how Smart Cabin typically fits into a medium jet.

The central feature of the system is the do CAPSULE. Positioned at the front of the plane, do CAPSULE uses the aircraft’s wireless router to create a network on the go – passengers can share files, access IFE and view the World Wide Moving Map.

High-definition monitors can be installed at the front and rear of the aircraft to allow all passengers to view clear and color accurate images. Medium jets have roomier cabins that can accommodate larger displays between 14″ and 22″.

Cabin Control Modules or CCMs are located at each seat. Options include a single button or a 3-button multifunction switch panel. Both consist of a crystal-clear OLED screen. CCMs give individuals the ability to control information, entertainment, lighting and temperature.

Medium sized jets may require controls for galley equipment and lavatory functions.

There’s also an option to have a 3-inch high-resolution, touchscreen display. This cabin control module is often used in the galley or at the VIP seat.

A Dual USB Charger at every seat delivers 5V DC, so passengers can keep devices like smart phones, tablets and other personal electronics charged and ready.

That’s an overview of how SmartCabin CMS is usually configured to a medium jet, but every aircraft can be fully customized to your particular needs and preferences.