More than likely the setting is not correct for the camera in use. The FDHDR is capable of recording both 720P at 60 Herttz and 1080i at 30 Hertz. The setting can be configured in the FDHDR200.INI file located in the FD-HDSDICF directory on the C drive. Using a keyboard and mouse plugged into the rear USB ports, fully boot the FDHDR200 and then exit the FD-HDSDICF.exe program by using the keyboard macros ALT+F4 orCNTL+ALT+DELETE. Once you are at the Windows desktop, right click Start, then left click Explore. Navigate to the C:\FD-HDSDICF\directory and open the FDHDR200.INI file.

The values needed for the different video modes are listed below:

VideoStandard = 1024
-The value needed  to run the FDHDR200 in 720P/60 mode.

VideoStandard = 4096
-The value needed to run the FDHDR200 in 1080i/30 mode.

Change the value based upon the requirements of the camera in use. Once the value is set, click File then Save. Exit the file and reboot the system by choosing Start, Shutdown, then Restart. Once rebooted, the FDHDR200 should now be able to display the required video mode

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