Military and Special Mission

During flight with an IR camera, the customer receives a blank screen for a few minutes and then video display returns to normal. What is the cause for this?

Certain types of Infrared cameras typically reset themselves every 10-15 minutes for calibration purposes.

During that time, you may experience a black image on the monitor from Flight Display Systems. This is normal. The monitor is going to a default video mode because while the camera resets itself, there is no video output.

Simply wait a few seconds for your camera to begin transmitting a video signal. The video display will automatically resume on your Flight Display Systems monitor.

No. These types of LCD monitors with NVG have been evaluated and ruled to fall under the United States Department of Commerce and not the Department of Defense. Thus they are not export controlled.

The warranty period is 1 year (12 months) from the date of installation if the supplied warranty card is returned. If the card is not returned to Flight Display Systems, the warranty date will default to the date of sale of the unit.

The default resolution for the FDCVGA-2 is 1024×768. Using serial commands, you can change the resolution to 800×600 or higher than 1024×768.

If you need to go to a lower resolution (such as 640×480), you must send it to Flight Display Systems or request it to be pre-configured before purchase. There is no additional charge for this.

This is our FDBASE-ML. It is the mounting base for the Military arm.


This is screwed directly into the wall/location where the arm and display are to be mounted. You’ll notice the 4 holes on the front of the raised section. This is where the Military arm screws into the base itself.


In this picture you can see how those come together. They are not just locked into each other, but firmly screwed together with 4 screws, so they are very secure.