If you want to customize the length of time to show a page, follow these steps:

  1. Insert your USB keyboard from the install kit into one of the USB ports on the unit
  2. Press the Alt and X keys together to exit the mapping program
  3. Press the WINDOWS key and the E key together to open up and explorer window
  4. Navigate to the C:\ drive and select the Vista folder
  5. In the Vista folder locate the VISTA.INI file or Vista configuration file
  6. In this text file locate the bracketed heading [Flight Display] -Under this heading you will find several lines that say Seconds To Show= the value to the right of this line is represented in seconds
  7. Delete the current value and enter your own.
    1. example: Before: Seconds to Show Statistics=4 After: Seconds to Show Statistics=10
  8. Once the changes have been made go up to file and then save
  9. Close out the document and your explorer window
  10. Click the start button and click the Commit Changes and Reboot icon

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