This free software update will automatically set your FD932DVD-LP-2 or FD932DVD-LP-2-AV to start at a medium volume level.

First, obtain the DVDROM.BIN file from the Flight Display Systems technical support staff.

NOTE: You can perform this firmware update at anytime you choose. That includes while on the ground, or while flying once. The player does not have to be removed from the aircraft or be returned to our headquarters.

  1. You need 1 USB thumb drive.
  2. Take the DVDROM.BIN file and copy it to the thumb drive.
  3. Power up the DVD player and make sure you have a monitor on showing that the DVD player is powered on. Do not have a disk inside of it.
  4. Insert the thumb drive into the DVD USB slot.
  5. Push the USB/SD button on the player and select the USB mode, which will display on the monitor. The player will automatically see the thumb drive with the patch and update the player as it will tell you on the screen which will take less than a minute.
  6. When it is done, the screen will flash and the FLIGHT DISPLAY SYSTEMS logo will come up. Verify the volume issue has been corrected by pressing either the VOLUME – or VOLUME + and seeing the volume is at half level instead of being at maximum level.
  7. Increase the volume to maximum and turn the player off. Then turn the player back on and check the volume again. It should be at mid level.
  8. Remove your USB thumb drive.

The end. Please contact Technical Support if you have any questions or need assistance with this free software upgrade.

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