Does the FD200CPU have audio out?

No, the FD200CPU does not have any audio outputs.

Why in the manual for the FD200CPU does it state not to mount the upside down?

The reason we do not want the unit mounted upside down is for overheating reasons. With the unit mounted upside down there is no place for the heat to travel other than back into the unit. Please allow 2 inches of space around the top and sides to allow adequate airflow.

Do I have to have the keyboard that comes with the Install Kit to make changes to my FD200CPU?

No, any USB keyboard can be used to edit the configuration files on the unit. However, we recommend the keyboard that comes with the install kit as it has a built in trackball that helps with navigation of the system. A USB mouse can also be used in conjunction with the keyboard if you do not have the one provided in the install kit.

What kind of DO-160 testing has been completed for the FD200CPU?

DO-160 testing is the standard for environmental testing of avionics hardware. DO-160E Section 21 Category B and DO-160E Section 21 Category M have been completed for the the FD200CPU. These tests are to measure the emission of radio frequency energy.

How do I install my company logo into the ground mode screens?

  1. Save your logo as an 1024×768 bitmap image (BMP).
  2. Place the image into the Vista folder on your FD200CPU.
  3. Open the vista.ini file (configuration settings) and change the line that reads Logo Filename=8x6namerica.bmp to Logo Filename=CustomerLogo.bmp, where “CustomerLogo” is the filename of your logo. It is not case sensitive and must be spelled exactly as you have named your file, including the “.bmp” on the end.
  4. Save and exit the vista.ini file.
  5. Navigate to the start menu and select Commit Changes and Reboot

How many map pages can I have on my FD200CPU?

We have the ability to add up to six different map pages to your FD200CPU. You may use all 6 of these maps on your FD200CPU.

How many welcome pages can I have on my FD200CPU?

There is a maximum of 3 welcome pages available on the FD200CPU.

These can consist of all logo pages or welcome pages.


Can the FD200CPU do more than operate the moving map, i.e. XM Weather or Cabin Briefings?

Yes! Contact us at +1-678-867-6717 for more information about how to upgrade your Flight Display Moving Map with XM Weather or Cabin Briefing capability.


How do I change the time on my FD200CPU?

In order to change the time on the FD200CPU follow these steps:

  1. Insert the USB keyboard provided with your install kit
  2. Press the Alt and X keys together to exit the mapping program and enter the windows environment
  3. Click on the time in the bottom right hand corner and select “Change Date and Time Settings
    1. adjustdt2
  4. Adjust the current time to reflect GMT / UTC (This can be found at www.greenwichmeantime.com) Make sure the time zone is also set to GMT / UTC and set to automatically adjust for daylight savings time
    1. ADDT
  5. Apply these changes and close out the window
  6. Click the start button and select the Commit Changes and Reboot Icon