Are the RS-485 commands for your Blu-ray player FD932DVD-BLU in Hex or Decimal?

The RS-485 commands for our aircraft Blu-ray player are in decimal.

The numbers are in sequence 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 … etc.

If they were in hex then the sequence would be 28, 29, 3A, 3B.

You can build a command by using the numbers on the Remote control image as listed in the Installation Manual. (As of Jan 2012, this was on Page 18 of said manual.)

Change Region Settings for FD932DVD-BLU

If the Blu-ray player is set to a region other than that of the disk inserted, the Blu-ray player ejects the disk and displays “Invalid Region.”

Depending on your version of the FD932DVD-BLU, there are two instructions for changing the default Region setting.

If you have the FD932DVD-BLU Aircraft Blu-ray Player with a transparent menu on the left side of the screen that says Settings (28 product code), then follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Blu-ray tray.
  2. Press setup and immediately press 9113 on the key pad.
  3. You will see another menu show up that allows you to change the DVD and Blu-ray region.

If you do not see a transparent/ translucent ‘Settings’ menu while at the Parrot screen (10 and 24 Product codes), press the setup button on your remote. If the On Screen Display is BLUE in color, then use the instructions below.

  1. Open the Blu-ray disc tray. Note: The disk tray must be open to change the region codes.
  2. Press 7803 with the remote, followed by the region code listed below.
  3. When the region code is successfully changed, the Blu-ray player displays “BD Letter” or “DVD #.” Letter or # is the region the Blu-ray player has been changed to.

Blu-ray Regions:

  • Input “1” to change region to A
  • Input “2” to change region to B
  • Input “3” to change region to C

Standard DVD:

  • Input “4” to change region to 1
  • Input “5” to change region to 2
  • Input “6” to change region to 3
  • Input “7” to change region to 4
  • Input “8” to change region to 5
  • Input “9” to change region to 6
  • Input “0” to change region to No Region

How do I update the firmware for the FD932DVD-BLU?

The Support Staff at Flight Display Systems can provide you with several unique firmwares for the Blu-ray player FD932DVD-BLU.

These firmwares allow you to select different Blu-ray regions by default. You can also delete the FLY HD parrot logo from your boot screen with a new firmware.

How to Update Firmware

  1. Download the ISO file from our FTP server.
  2. Burn this file to a DVD or CD.
  3. Put the disc into the FD932DVD-BLU.
  4. After reading the disc, the screen connected to the FD932DVD-BLU will prompt you to select the “Update” button.
  5. Press ENTER on your remote.
  6. Wait 1 minute. The progress bar will advance.
  7. When the FD932DVD-BLU ejects the disk, remove the disk, shut the tray.
  8. The FD932DVD-BLU will reboot automatically and have the new software installed.