Control lights, video, audio, shades, and more with Smart Cabin CMS

Today’s aircraft passenger demands the same comforts in the air as in the home or office. The latest cabin management system from FDS Avionics, Smart Cabin CMS, provides integrated entertainment, climate, and information controls. It’s the convergence of innovative cabin management, in-flight entertainment, and wireless connectivity.

See how Smart Cabin CMS fits into your aircraft

Cabin Environment

With the swipe of a fingertip all cabin amenities become interactive and personalized. Lights, shades and audio/visual sources can be customized to fit specific moods. Control individual seat environments through limitless climate and entertainment selections. All using a sleek touchscreen interface.


Stream music and videos to your iPad, Android, or laptop. Control Blu-ray and DVD players from the comfort of your seat. Send video to brilliant high-definition bulkhead displays. Follow real-time flight maps with instant flight data.

Virtual Office

Maximize flight time and share productivity files as though you were sitting behind your desk. Keep your devices ready — charge mobile devices and laptops to capitalize on business efficiency from within your cabin.

Revolutionize the way you connect with your aircraft cabin

Create a cabin experience that mirrors the essence of your office or living room. Use your mobile technology to connect and control components throughout your cabin.

Smart Cabin empowers you with everything necessary to connect, stay informed, be entertained, and manage the aircraft cabin environment.

Robust aircraft on-ground customer support

FDS Avionics understands the importance of staying on schedule. Our dedicated staff is available to provide system technical support, answer…

Remote troubleshooting

Remote Diagnostics Connection for the Smart Cabin provides an instant connection to FDS Avionics engineers if problems arise. As long as there is an internet connection available we can provide diagnosing support

Trusted by high profile clients worldwide

Our cabin management systems are installed on aircraft that provide services for Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs, and business jet customers from all…

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