Enjoy an Advanced Wireless Ecosystem

At the core of Smart Cabin is the do CAPSULE, a wireless workhorse that allows passengers to use any iOS, Android, or Windows device to connect to Cabin Management Systems and In-Flight Entertainment components.

do CAPSULE and interface

As an entertainment device, do CAPSULE is capable of streaming high-definition videos to passengers. Additionally, it provides a platform to share office productivity files and allows passengers to view the Moving Map.

Control your environment with intuitive touchscreens

CCM30-A-New-Interface-200Complementing wireless control is a broad line of touchscreens and OLED buttons that integrate beautifully into an existing decor. These hard-wired controllers offer a wider variety of functionality including galley equipment, lights, window shades, attendant calls, cabin temperature, and more. Flight Display Systems works with VIP clients to create the perfect custom interface. VIPs enjoy a seamless in-flight experience with the most up-to-date technology.

Cabin Management System Controller

Enjoy simple, yet rugged connectivity

The backbone is what connects the video sources to the HD monitors. We chose to use the Controller Area Network Bus (CAN Bus 2.0B) because it is robust and easy to install. This CAN Bus architecture forms a reliable network of components that interact with one another without the complexity of running all wires to a central server. This eliminates the possibility of a total system failure resulting from a single malfunctioning component. CAN Bus allows operators to keep up with the fast-paced changes in consumer electronics and minimize the financial impact of system redesigns.

Easily manage source components

To suit any need, we’ve designed several high-definition video sources, which include a JetJukebox, an aircraft Blu-ray Player, and a high-definition Flight View Camera.

Installation Photos

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