Million Air (TX)

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8501 Telephone Rd.
Houston, TX, 77061, United States

The Million Air chain of fixed-base operations stands as the nation’s premier provider of upscale, private aviation services. Million Air currently delivers general aviation services through a chain of separate franchises strategically located across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Million Air Interlink, Inc. owns the Million Air name and franchising rights.

A Fixed-Base Operation (FBO) is essentially a refueling facility for aircraft that offers a variety of aviation-related services. The past five years have seen the purchase of many of the nation’s leading FBOs and FBO chains by larger companies seeking growth in the private aviation market. These companies recognize the opportunities created by a rapidly expanding private aviation fleet and the limited airport space available for FBOs.

Today, a larger percentage of affluent individuals and companies are utilizing private aviation instead of facing the uncertainties, inconvenience and safety issues associated with commercial aviation. Scheduled new aircraft deliveries will further stretch the capacity of the nation’s FBOs. These developments will dramatically enhance the value of the Million Air franchise and provide exciting growth opportunities for the Million Air chain.