Temple Avionics

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8484 Scranton St.
Houston, TX, 77061, United States

Since its inception at Hobby Airport in 1973, Temple Avionics has steadily grown to become a leader in the avionics industry. Specializing in custom avionics completions and retrofits, the years have shown that Temple Electronics strongest asset has been its ability to react to and complete special projects requiring a unique level of experience, talent, and imagination. Temple Electronics is a member of the Aircraft Electronics Association AEA and authorized dealer for over 20 manufacturers including most major avionics brands. We are FAA certified to install and repair avionics, radar, autopilots, Bi-annuals 14CFR 91.411, 91.413 (91.411 appendix G RVSM) . Our highly-trained staff installs a wide variety of avionics packages including TCAS, TAWS, EGPWS, GPWS, GPS / FMS, weather avoidance systems, airborne radio telephones and cabin entertainment systems. On-site testing, computer generated diagrams and the ability to complete major installations quickly has made Temple Electronics a leader in avionics service and support.