Textron Duesseldorf Citation Service Center GmbH

Call: +49 211 454 97 127
Flughafen, Halle 2
Dusseldorf, , 40474, Germany

Duesseldorf Citation Service Center offers a full range of services for all Citation jets, large Hawker jets, Beech Jet, Premier 1/A and any King Air from maintenance to overhauls to customizations and everything in between. While you wait for your aircraft to be serviced, enjoy the Center’s state-of-the-art crew lounge stocked with refreshments, relaxing seating, and amenities including a wide-screen television and wireless Internet service. Take advantage of the private briefing room for flight-planning meetings and access the weather terminal for up-to-date information on weather along your route. The team provides free lift to and from the main airport terminal.