FD932DVD-BLU-2 Resolution Issues

What resolutions are supported as outputs on the new slot loading BLURAY player?

The FD932DVD-BLU-2 will support up to 1080p via the HDMI or 1080i via the HDSDI output. It will support up to 576i when selected to PAL output on the composite connector.

Due to the microchip installed, the ability to simulcast is limited to 576i as the highest supported resolution. 720/1080 resolutions cannot be supported for simulcast of both Composite and HDMI/HDSDI.

How do I install the ferrite for the DVD player?

These instructions apply to any of our products that use a ferrite, including the FD932DVD-LP-2 and the FD932DVD-LP-2-AV.

What is the maximum RMS output voltage of the FD932DVD-LP-2 audio outputs?

The maximum output voltage of the FD932DVD-LP-2 is 1 volt. If you are trying to run extra speakers off of the FD932DVD-LP-2 you will need an amplifier.

Does your DVD player accept DivX or MP4 files?

The FD932DVD-LP-2 and FD932DVD-LP-2-AV from Flight Display Systems accepts discs with the following:



Why am I receiving a DISC ERR or NO DISC error on my DVD player?

The message DISC ERR is usually displayed when the unit ca see the disc but not play the disc. This usually occurs when the disc is scratched or dirty.

The message NO DiSC is displayed when the unit simply can not read or detect the disc at all. This can also occur if the disc is scratched or dirty.

What are the input sources for your FD932DVD-LP-2 and FD932DVD-LP-2-AV?

Our DVD players will cycle the video inputs in order, depending on where you begin.

  1. DVD
  2. SD Card
  3. USB
  4. repeat … DVD

How does the AUX/DVD switch on the FD932DVD-LP-2-AV work?

The Aux/DVD switch allows changing between the DVD inside the unit and an auxiliary input from either the front inputs, or the inputs through the DB9 connector on the back. It will not allow simultaneous input from both.

The composite video and audio outputs on the back of the unit are ONLY for the DVD. All aux inputs from either the front or the DB9 will be outputted through the DB9 connector.