Why won’t my FD200CPU-7 display temperature?

Due to the nature of the data received by the FD200CPU-7 via RS232, the Moving Map cannot support temperature display. If for some reason your map is attempting to display temp but displaying an erroneous reading, contact technical support and they can help you disable that text block from the display.

How do I run a simulated flight plan without an FMS?

You can run a simulation in serial terminal if you are having issues with your FMS. Of course this will not test any data coming from the FMS but will check functionality of the moving map.

  1. Open up serial terminal and click on the close port icon.
  2. Click on the simulator icon and type search for a starting Airport, once found in the top box, click to highlight and then click set on the destination.
  3. Repeat step 2 for the origin box
  4. Set your speed, origin and heading
  5. Click start
  6.  Go back to serial terminal and open the port

You will now see simulated data coming across and now you can run vista. This should simulate what an FMS would send to your CPU. You can tweak the settings prior to hard wiring the unit.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact our CPU tech support at support@flightdisplay.com or Call +1 678-867-6717

Upgrading Serial Terminal for newer 429 boards

Due to ever changing technology with flight management systems we update our Serial Terminal program to ensure error free data capture. Below is a short video taking you through step by step on how to remove and install serial terminal.

If your CPU is working properly there is no need to update this software. Software will be provided by our CPU tech on a case by case basis after we determine that you need an updated version.

If you have any questions please feel free to speak with our CPU tech at +1 678-867-6717 or email us at support@flightdisplay.com


How do I perform a data capture using serial terminal?

To further troubleshoot why our software is not communicating with your FMS we need to analyze your data stream to find the issue. Below are the steps to perform a data capture for our software engineers.

Performing a Data Capture

Estimated Time: 10 – 15 minutes

Equipment Required:

  • Moving Map
  • USB Keyboard
  • USB Mouse (only needed if keyboard does not have built-in mouse)
  • USB Flash Drive

** Note – If you are using 3 USB devices please utilize a non powered USB Hub so you can connect all three. Our CPU’s only have 2 USB ports.


  1. Plug in the USB Keyboard & USB Flash Drive
  2. Power on the Moving Map and wait for the “Welcome Aboard” screens to appear
  3. Power on the FMS and enter one of your usual flight plans
  4. Press (Alt-X) to exit the mapping software and enter the windows desktop
  5. Click on the FDS Serial Terminal icon (next to the start bar, looks like a blue box) on the task bar to maximize the window into view
  6. Click on the button “Data Capture” to create the capture file
  7. Wait for the progress bar to finish and disappear (usually 30seconds to a minute)
  8. Press the windows key (windows logo inbetween the CTRL and ALT) and ‘E’ at the same time to open up a Windows Explorer window
  9. On the left side of the window, Click on the “C:” drive
  10. On the right side, Click on the “Vista” folder
  11. On the right side under vista, Click on the “Captures” folder
  12. Holding the (CTRL key and ‘A’) will select all text files and they will be highlighted (note: if you have not performed a data capture before, you will only have one text file in this folder)
  13. Press (Control-C) to copy all files
  14. On the left hand side of the window look for your USB thumb drive, it will be the next drive letter after C:
  15. Right click on the USB thumb drive and from the menu select Paste. If you prefer you can create a folder first called ‘Data Capture’ and then put the files into that folder.

**Procedure is complete: you can now power off the CPU and remove your USB thumb drive***

You are now ready to take the USB Flash Drive to a computer and email us the text files that were copied. You cannot email the folder if you created one. Please email all the files to support@flightdisplay.com

If you are still having issues please call our CPU tech at +1 678-867-6717

Can you change the position of the Data Bar Display?

NO. The data bar displayed in our moving map software is hard coded. It can only be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

TIP: You cannot have the data bar and flight statistics page displayed at the same time. If you want to set your data bar (Ticker) please follow the example below to change your VISTA.INI file.

Show Data Bar= When set to True, shows a ticker at the bottom of the
vector map pages. When set to False, shows the statistics pages.
Data Bar Height= Height of the data bar. (.10 would take up the bottom 10% of the screen)

How do I connect the VGA wiring for my Moving Map to a DAPS350 then to the LCD monitors?

The attached diagram shows exactly how to do this. View the image below OR click to download.


All of your grounds(shields) for color should be tied together. Your two V sync and H sync grounds(shields) should be tied together on the monitor side.

Does the FD200CPU have audio out?

No, the FD200CPU does not have any audio outputs.

Why in the manual for the FD200CPU does it state not to mount the upside down?

The reason we do not want the unit mounted upside down is for overheating reasons. With the unit mounted upside down there is no place for the heat to travel other than back into the unit. Please allow 2 inches of space around the top and sides to allow adequate airflow.