What is the difference between the J4 and J5 Ethernet ports on the JetJukeBox?

The J4-RJ45 connector is used to connect the JetJukeBox to the video streaming wireless solution; the test Wi-Fi router or a permanently installed Wi-Fi solution.

The J5-RJ45 connector is used to connect the JetJukeBox directly to a laptop to use a point to point connection to load additional content.

Can the JetJukeBox display on drink rail monitors?

Yes, but in order for this to work the drink rail monitors have to be hardwired to the JetJukeBox.

Why won’t movies play on the Bulkhead Monitor?

DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology is a way for a content publisher to control the use of digital content as well as other devices after the sale has been made.

For example: If a user buys a movie from iTunes then loads this movie to a JetJukeBox and attempts to play it on a bulkhead monitor, the movie will not be able to play. The reason for this is because iTunes has DRM inside their digital content which blocks the movie from displaying on the bulkhead monitor.

Where is the best place to install the JetJukeBox?

The best place to install the JetJukeBox is in an area that leaves the box hidden but easily accessible. This allows the users to enable a few functions such as viewing external content via thumb drive or plugging in a mouse, keyboard, and monitor to access the computer for configuration.

How do I configure the moving map?

To configure the moving map, use the VISTA.INI file located on the JetJukeBox computer desktop. It is important that the correct commands are used in this file. If something is wrongfully typed or changed in the VISTA file, the map will not function correcting. The best solution for configuration is to send in a pre-configuration form to Flight Display Systems during the purchase of the device.

Is the JetJukeBox PMA’d?

Yes, The JetJukeBox has Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA).

What are the part numbers for the JetJukeBox?

JetJukeBox: FD800JBOX VER RJ45

What are the main capabilities of the JetJukeBox?

The JetJukeBox is a wireless media streaming device that will perform the following capabilities:

  • Stream Videos, Music, and Pictures wirelessly to just about any Apple, Android, or Windows device
  • Wirelessly share files such as PowerPoints, Excel spreadsheets, and Word Documents with other passengers
  • Streams up to 8 devices simultaneously
  • Streams content from an external device such as an external hard drive or a thumb drive when plugged into the JetJukeBox via USB
  • Play videos on a hardwired bulkhead monitor
  • No internet connection required
  • Control the JetJukeBox with a simple graphical user interface accessible via your web browser
  • Display the World Wide Moving Map on personal devices as well as on the bulkhead