Flight Display Systems Introduces JetJukebox Wireless Media Streamer

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Flight Display Systems Introduces JetJukebox Wireless Media Streamer

Las Vegas, Nevada — March 25, 2013 — Flight Display Systems introduces the JetJukebox, an exciting new product for aircraft cabin entertainment. JetJukebox is a wireless box that allows passengers to enjoy media in the aircraft. That includes the ability to watch videos, listen to music, view photos, share files and even watch World-Wide Moving Maps on smart phones, tablets, or laptop computers.

Initial feedback from dealers and aircraft owners has been phenomenal. Once you play with it, the value becomes obvious. Almost everyone who tries it, wants one.


Product highlights:

Utilizes the aircraft’s existing wireless network
Streams media to up to eight simultaneous users
Content stored either on the internal JetJukebox hard drive or attached thumb-drive
Includes a super fast 240GB solid state internal hard drive (SSD)
Holds as many as 100 DVD quality movies
Includes World Wide Moving Map
Flight Display Systems approached the project with a goal of providing a cost effective alternative to hard-wired media streamers that utilizes fixed video monitors. Because JetJukebox utilizes the passengers personal device as the monitor and the aircraft’s existing wireless network as the data conduit, it presents a monumental cost savings over conventional, hard wired aircraft media streamers. JetJukebox is also very easy for passengers use because it allows them to select and view movies on personal devices they already know how to operate.

JetJukebox is essentially a small rectangular unit measuring only 6.35″ (W) x 1.95″ (H) x 9.75″ (D). It can be inconspicuously mounted anywhere near the aircrafts wireless router and draw power directly from the router. JetJukebox is completely self contained and needs no Internet connection.

Passengers access JetJukebox content by entering a simple URL on the web browser of their personal digital device. The passenger is then presented with a simple graphical user interface (GUI) that allows him/her to select any of the content (movies, music, or photos) available on the hard drive(s) or watch the Flight Display Systems World Wide Moving Map.

The Flight Display Moving Map allows passengers to track their flight’s progress in real time. It uses computer generated satellite imagery to display an accurate replication of the Earth’s surface including cities, borders, airports, and other landmarks to enhance the visual effect. It also displays key flight data including speed, altitude, time of arrival, and more.

The JetJukebox is available starting today with a list price of $12,000. Contact your local avionics dealer or visit www.FlightDisplay.com for more information.

About Flight Display Systems
Flight Display Systems has three main market segments: In-flight Entertainment Equipment, Cabin Management Systems, and Military and Special Mission products. The company manufactures over 120 unique in-flight entertainment products targeted at the retrofit and refurbishment market. These products include the Flight Display Moving Map, high-definition LCD monitors from 5- to 55-inches in size, Blu-ray and DVD players, and a line of iPod, iPad, and iPhone accessories. The Select Cabin Management System is specifically tailored for VIP aircraft from 4 to 35 passengers. Flight Display Systems also manufactures ruggedized LCD monitors used in military surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft. This includes NVG compliant and touch-screen monitors.

For more information visit: www.FlightDisplay.com