The do CAPSULE™ Wireless Streamer and Edge Series™ Displays Take Your Cabin Experience to the Next Level

in-flight entertainment

Create an aircraft cabin experience that rivals your living room or office. FDS introduces the do CAPSULE™ Wireless Media Streamer and the EDGE Series™ High-Definition Displays.

Imagine immersing yourself in beautiful, high-definition content from brilliant HD displays. Stream movies to your own tablet. Today, the options are more advanced than ever. Maximize your flight experience with innovative in-flight entertainment components from FDS.

FDS is a pioneer in providing innovative solutions for aircraft cabin audio and video. Our products are engineered for simple installation, easy operation, and bullet-proof reliability.

State-of-the-Art In-flight Entertainment from FDS

Wireless Streaming Media

do CAPSULE streams movies, music and more to passengers.

High-Definition Displays

Crystal clear displays from 7” to 52”.

Worldwide Moving Maps

Follow your flight path on beautifully detailed maps.

High-Definition Sources

Blu-ray Players, DVD Players, and HD Glareshield Cameras

Connectivity Components

All the converters, switches, and splitters necessary to enable your cabin electronics.

Cabin Management Systems

Smart Cabin CMS ties everything together and puts you in control.

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