Technology impacts you.
FDS technology changes the way you do business.

  • Immersive experiences
  • Limitless choices
  • Effortless user interfaces

…and now Glass Cabin

A new way to experience our breathtaking 3D map.
Imagine viewing your surroundings completely unobstructed using your tablet or smart phone.
Glass Cabin is the latest 3D map technology from FDS Avionics.
Part of the do EXPERIENCE, Glass Cabin allows passengers to point a device anywhere to see the high-resolution 3D map.
It’s like VR for private aviation.
Point forward to emulate the cockpit view.
Point down to see what’s below.
Glass Cabin delivers an unobstructed, 360 degree view of the aircraft surroundings in stunning detail.

Glass Cabin is the latest technological breakthrough in the do EXPERIENCE.

You spoke and we listened. Introducing the brand new do 2D moving map from FDS.

  • Follow your flight on bulkhead displays AND personal electronic devices
  • Enjoy incredibly detailed satellite imagery
  • Zoom up to 15 meters per pixel
  • Access heads up flight data
  • the Relative city locator
  • and Points of interest

The same technology that powers the moving map included with the do CAPSULE is now available in a cost saving standalone package.
Expand from two dimensions to three with the new do 3D Moving Map.

Do3D provides a richly detailed three-dimensional moving map experience, on bulkhead displays and using tablets, smart phones and laptops.

  • Pan and zoom to explore your surroundings
  • Multiple zoom levels up to 15 square meters per pixel
  • Access Flight Data
  • Customizable Points of interest
  • Multiple camera angles
  • and a Relative City Locator

No other moving map compares.

Video conversion has never been easier with the new Penta Converter from FDS.
The new technology converts HDMI, DVI, Display Port, VGA, and composite signals to SDI.
The Penta Converter works seamlessly with the new EDGE Series monitors allowing virtually any video signal to be displayed.

From the new FDS where we make business better.