Create an aircraft cabin experience that mirrors the essence of your office or living room.

Use your mobile technology to connect and control components throughout the cabin.

The convergence of
• innovative cabin management
• in-flight entertainment
• wireless connectivity

Smart Cabin empowers you with everything necessary to connect, stay informed, be entertained, and manage the aircraft cabin environment.

Revolutionize the way you connect with your aircraft cabin technology

Control and Manage High-Definition Video Equipment, Cabin Lighting, Window Shades, Galley Equipment and more. Watch video and listen to audio. Follow the moving map and get up-to-date flight information.

And do it wirelessly

Leverage an advanced wireless cabin ecosystem.

At the core of Smart Cabin is the next generation JetJukebox, a wireless workhorse that allows passengers to use any iOS, Android, or Windows device to connect to Cabin Management and In-Flight Entertainment systems.

JetJukebox can stream High-Definition videos to aircraft passengers.

It provides a platform to share office productivity files and allows passengers to view the Moving Map.

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