The Hawker Pacific Aircraft 125-700 cabin features our 10.4-inch LCD monitor installed on the bulkhead. The cabin monitor is showing the European version of our Moving Map passenger entertainment system. The Hawker 700 by Ava Jet of Texas features a 15-inch LCD Monitor from Flight Display Systems. The Hawker 800 features our 7″ LCD screen on arm mount. The Hawker 800 by Ava Jet of Texas features two 15-inch LCD Monitors from Flight Display Systems. One is installed on the forward bulkhead, and one on the rear bulkhead. The Flight Display Moving Map with Worldwide Satellite Imagery is shown on the monitors.

Products Featured Here from Flight Display Systems

  • 10.4″ LCD Display
  • Moving Map with ARINC 429 Input
  • 15″ Low Profile LCD
  • 7″ Widescreen LCD and Arm Mount
  • 1 Button Cabin OLED
  • 3 Button Cabin OLED
  • 5 Channel 900MHz Wireless Headphones w/Case

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