At a show like this there are lot of acronyms thrown around. And one that we’ve been hearing for a while now is CMS or Cabin Management System. For those who may not be familiar with the term, Eric can you break that acronym down for us?

Absolutely. So Cabin Management System encompasses many things inside the aircraft. Anything from entertainment onboard the plane, whether it’s wireless or wired displays or actually control of the environment through touchscreens or push-button switches. This provides the end user control of anything from in-flight entertainment to productivity capabilities onboard the airplane.

So what you are saying is that each individual is in charge of his or her own experience on the aircraft. What kind of user interface are they using to control that experience?

So what we’ve done at FDS is create multiple new user interfaces for the passenger to basically control their environment. In some cases we have the ability to control using an Apple device, iOS, Android as well, and Windows can be used in this way. Additionally we have wired controllers that can be mounted hard inside aircraft, that provide local control that’s at their fingertips.

In this case, we can control lighting systems, cabin temperature, or even other things such as satellite television systems onboard the aircraft.