NBAA 2013: Flight Display Systems launches JetJukebox

Georgia’s Flight Display Systems used NBAA to introduce several new cabin products to the market, but first off the blocks was JetJukebox, which streams movies, music, and other content to personal electronic devices, and does not require internet access.

People don’t want to spend an arm and leg for something they don’t need. They want to use their devices on board but with no internet connection. We offer agnostic systems.

Additionally, the company displayed its new 10X PED Synchronizer/Charger, a cabin Wi-Fi router, and a dual USB charger. The USB charger provides quick on-board power for carry-on devices such as media players, smart phones, and tablets. It offers a charge of 5.2V DC for full charging capability and installs in both the aircraft cockpit and cabin. Featuring fast charging circuitry and an internal fan, the device is a charger only and not a data connection.

If a flight goes for 45 minutes, people need to be able to charge their devices quickly. It can get hot, so we’ve put a fan in there. With the 10X PED people can slide in 10 USB devices and overnight you have 10 movies on 10 iPads, all synched with the same movies. This is the best way for smaller charter operators to offer IFE.

This charger would not be on the aircraft, rather it would be locked in the maintenance or chief pilots’ office. The self dubbed “13-year old start-up” had a highly focused show, bringing a total of 14 products along.

We have 36 new products for PMA coming up. Our product lines morph and get better and better. We’re also offering new OLEDS (organic light-emitting diodes), cabin control modules, switching and video 1080p over a single coax.

Indeed, the company is almost ready to announce the Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) on its slot-load Blu-ray player. The upgraded version of FDS’s Blu-ray player offers a better picture and newer technology. Slot-loading allows for mounting the unit horizontally or vertically, while the latest chipset supports 1080p video processing. It also comes with DVD conversion and audio CD playback.

The company says, “The highly integrated system-on-chip processor is the core of next-generation Blu-ray players. It includes dual-channel HD MPEG-2/AVC/VC-1 video decoding and dual-channel multi-format audio decoding. The chip also provides motion-adaptive, edge-preserving de-interlacing.”

Liz Moscrop, Inflight /
Las Vegas, USA


[via Inflight-Online]