Rugged Special Mission LCD


The rugged FD215CV-C-MPORT is a brand new 21.5″ display built for military and special mission aviation. A completely new design, this widescreen, high-definition LCD supports multiple inputs and minimizes life-cycle cost.

  • Best-in-class components
  • Best component life-cycle management
  • Higher level of DO-160 testing
  • Button controls conveniently located on the front of the display
  • Wide variety of video inputs for flexible implementation

Key Facts:

Five input sources

  • DVI
  • VGA
  • SDI
  • Composite
  • S-Video


  • DO-160G Section 21, Cat B -Emissions of Radio Frequency
  • DO-160G Section 4.6.1, Cat B -Altitude
  • DO-160G Section 7, Cat B -Operational Shock, Crash Safety
  • DO-160G Section 8, Cat B -Standard Vibe
  • DO-160G Section 3.1, Cat B -Abuse Load
  • DO-160G Section 3.2, Cat B -Dynamic Ball Impact
  • DO-160G Section 3.3, Cat B -Sustained Load