Built with retrofit aircraft integration in mind, the 9″ High Definition Aircraft LCD (FD090CV) is the latest high-definition version of this popular display. Upgrade your existing AvVisor display and interface with our JetJukebox to watch internal movies, view photos or monitor the flight progress on our World Wide Moving Map.

  • Minimal rewiring when replacing existing displays and legacy AdVisor systems
  • Switch between three video input sources using an infrared remote or the control buttons located on the bottom of the display
  • Non-HDCP compliant—HDMI input will not work with a Blu-ray player

Flight Display Systems has introduced a drop-in replacement for the out-of-date AvVisor flight information monitor. The Flight Display Systems solution is a 9″ Widescreen Aircraft LCD display that drops into the same cutout. An HDMI interface to the next generation JetJukebox Media Streamer will provide World Wide Moving Map functionality in high-definition. In addition to the map, passengers can stream video or audio to their personal electronic devices from the JetJukebox.

9" HD Aircraft LCD Display - FD090CV