The FD200CPU uses computer generated satellite imagery to display an accurate replication of the Earth’s surface. Included are worldwide databases of cities, borders, airports, and other landmarks to enhance the visual effects. The FD200CPU reads data from other avionic systems onboard, and replicates this data onto the map in real-time. This allows passengers to see the exact position of the aircraft anywhere in the world. Also, the FD200CPU displays air data including speed, altitude, time of arrival, and more.

Flight Display Systems has taken advantage of the latest computer technology, and designed the FD200CPU to be the smallest and lightest Moving Map system available in the aviation industry. The FD200CPU-7/-8 uses a solid state flash memory hard drive that holds the Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating system, the Moving Map program, worldwide imagery and databases. Flash memory and solid state circuit boards allow the FD200CPU to operate smoothly at extreme temperatures, and increases tolerance for vibration and shock.

Please fill out this form to have your Moving Map pre-configured for easier installation. You can EFax at +1-678-792-8681 or email the completed form along with your purchase order. If you have any questions regarding Moving Map setup or installation, please contact a CPU technician at +1-470-239-7421.