General FAQ

Download Warranty Form Here

All FDS Avionics products are warranted to be free from material or manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of shipment for General Aviation customers or 12 months from the date of shipment for Government/Special Mission customers. Any material or repair workmanship for in warranty repair service will be specifically warranted for 90 days or the remainder of the original warranty period, whichever is longer. If the original warranty period has expired, the 90 day repair warranty is limited to the material and workmanship specific to the repair activity completed.

The following conditions are exclusions to warranty coverage:

  1. Labor costs associated with; installation, removal or reinstallation of any product.
  2. Damage to or malfunction caused by any unauthorized alteration made to the product.
  3. Resolving signal quality issues caused by externally generated noise introduced by aircraft electrical systems or other components connected to any FDS Avionics product.
  4. Any malfunction caused by improper installation or connection to aircraft wiring, industry standard cabin management/ inflight entertainment systems, or third party commercial equipment not specifically identified as compatible with FDS Avionics products.
  5. Any malfunction caused by installation that does not conform to precautions associated with operating environments listed in the operating manual or consistent with industry best practices such as; high temperature, adequate ventilation, high humidity, high dust, or power surges.
  6. Cosmetic damage or damage to internal components caused by installation or removal, failure to follow installation or operating instructions, or any neglect or misuse of the product.
  7. Any product that is returned for service with a broken tamper evident seal, indicating tampering or improper handling of the product by an unauthorized person. Violation of product tamper evident seals or modification of factory installed serial and PMA labels voids any warranty, either expressed or implied.

The FDS Avionics technical support team is available to provide distance troubleshooting support during business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST) Monday through Friday at 470.239.7421.

Many repair requests can be resolved through distance support and may not require return of merchandise to the factory. If a product must be returned to the factory for repair, an RMA number will be issued as directed by the technical support team and communicated by the repair coordinator.

Upon request by the customer, FDS Avionics will send a service technician onsite to repair products. The travel expenses incurred to include transportation, lodging and meals along with the technician’s hourly rate shall be payable by the customer in accordance with FDS Avionics’ applicable rates and procedures.

Flight Display Systems will, upon receipt of returned merchandise, remanufacture or replace the unit at our discretion and return the product by Ground Return Shipping. Express return shipment will be the responsibility of the sender.

This warranty is not transferable.

Any implied warranties expire at the express limited warranty expiration date. FDS Avionics shall not be held liable for incidental or consequential damages.

Some states do not allow limitation on the length of an implied warranty. In such states, the exclusions or limitations of this limited warranty may not apply.

Sirius Technologies is no longer associated with Flight Display Systems or FDS Avionics Corp.

The new company name is FDS Avionics Corp. which is doing business as Flight Display Systems.

Contact your Regional Sales Manager at FDS Avionics to discuss the requirements needed to qualify as an authorized dealer.

After the Dealer Screening requirements are satisfied, the Inside Sales Coordinator will contact you and send the needed forms listed below to complete, sign and return:

  • Dealer Application
  • Credit Application
  • Credit Card Application
  • Copy of your sales and use tax certificate
  • Dealer Agreement

Send forms back at your earliest convenience via fax, email or postal mail.

Testing varies by product. Please contact your sales representative who can provide you with detailed reports regarding Electromagnetic Interference, Shock and vibration, and ball impact tests for certain items. For in-flight entertainment certification, the products that we sell are non-complex, non-critical parts designed for passenger entertainment.

Our ECCN is 9A991.d
Our Schedule B is 9014 9000 000 (Electronic Parts and Accessories)
Our Cage Code is 7B9J6

No. The DAPS440-SW requires an audio amplifier.

The default resolution for the FDCVGA-2 is 640×480. Using serial commands, you can change the resolution to 800×600 or higher than 1024×768.

If you need to go to a different resolution, you must send it to Flight Display Systems or request it to be pre-configured before purchase. There is no additional charge for this.

Yes, we can extend the IR sensor so it comes outside of the LCD monitor. Then you can put it in a cabinet or remote location.

Please contact our Inside Sales Coordinator and indicate on your purchase order the request to move this IR eye.

We have done this for a major OEM customer several times. This customer usually prefers to supply their own wire, like a 26 gauge spec, and also provided to their own length.

Typically the length that our customers ask us to extend the IR eye is no longer than 5 feet.

You can also split the remote eye to have two remote eyes in the cabin. If you do this, ensure that they are on the same polarity.

These instructions apply to the 7-inch Flipper, FD90AID-7.

  • Place the display in the stowed position.
  • Remove the existing (6) 4-40 x ¼” flat head black oxide screws from the mounting plate.
  • Be careful to hold the mounting plate & torsion spring in place. Do not remove the mounting plate from its position as the torsion spring will fall out.
  • Insert the swivel base mounting plate on top of regular mounting plate.
  • Attach swivel base with (6) 4-40 x 3/8” 100 deg flat head black oxide screws.

The maximum length of the IR cable for the Jet Jukebox is 30 feet.

Any distance longer than that and the reliability of the signal starts degrading.

You can use a 24 gauge wire. 22 gauge is not necessary.

You can cut the wire and splice it.


No. The RF port on the FDREMOTE and FDREMOTE-M is not used.


Output Impedance: 2K ohm single ended.

Max Power Output: a few mW.

Max Vrms Output: USA Professional Audio Line Level 1.7 Volts peak to peak.

Frequency Response: We don’t specify this value. Typical of reasonable quality consumer audio equipment.

Distortion: We don’t specify this value. Typical of reasonable quality consumer audio equipment.

(Also applies to FD932DVD-LP-2-AV.)




Make sure the DB connector is pinned for dual power inputs.


Switches can be purchased from:

Aerospace Optics, Inc.
3201 Sandy Ln.
Fort Worth, TX 76112 USA
Tel: (817) 451-1141
or (888) VIVISUN
Fax: (817) 654-3405

Phil Gamboa
Avionics International Supply, Inc
Denton, TX USA
Tel: 940-566-0035


The audio output level on the FDMEDPLR-3 is called “line level.”
This is nominally 1.7 volt peak to peak.

Note that it is controlled somewhat by the level at which the music program material is recorded.

If this is for our DVD player, for example… There is not a grounding stud or screw hole location provided directly on our DVD player. However a grounding braid can be used with the supplied “L” mounting brackets. The supplied “L” mounting brackets are not powder coated and the electronics inside are grounded external enclosure.

For our other products, simply use a wire brush on a drill chuck at the point of contact with the bonding strap. Many of our Military products are already finished with this accounted for. But most of our business aviation products are straight powder coated. The powder coating can be removed where needed for bonding purposes.


The ship kit for the FD600CAM-2 includes the following:



(1) 4MM Lens (KLC0400C/M)


(1) 240-2072-ND Ferrite


The DAPS440-SW will maintain memory of which channel is selected. It can be used with a special momentary ground switch that can show exactly which video input is being used (Map, Cam, DVD1, DVD2 etc.).


The DAPS440 will allow you to cycle 4 sources but they will be listed as 1,2,3 and 4.


If a bad signal or no signal is viewed on the monitor, it is likely that the Jukebox is selected to the wrong video output. The Jukebox is capable of both composite and HDMI video output but not simultaneously. The operator must use the TV/System button on the remote to toggle between the outputs.


Here’s some of the ship kit contents for some of our more popular products. Check the other sections (such as iPad) for more installation kits:

DAPS321 –

i. 1 – DB09 Female Connector Kit
ii. 16 – RCA Connectors
iii. 1 – 240-2072-ND Ferrite with instructions
iv. 1 – CD Manual

DAPS350 –

i. 1 – DB09 Female Connector Kit
ii. 1 – DB15 Female Connector Kit
iii. 8 – DB15 Male Connector Kit
iv. 1 – 240-2072-ND Ferrite with instructions
v. 1 – CD Manual

FD151CV-LP –

i. 1 – DB15 Female Connector Kit
ii. 1 – Remote
iii. 1 – 240-2072-ND Ferrite with instructions
iv. 1 – CD Manual

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to get a copy of The Quality System Manual for FDS Avionics Corp.

As a matter of policy, we do not share our complete Quality Manual to anyone. It is considered Proprietary Intellectual Property.

For instructions on assembling the DB25 latch connector please watch the following video: