iPad, iPhone and iPod Support

When using an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod to input audio to the FD932DVD-LP-2-AV, how can you control the sound volume?

Apple has two audio output options on their devices.

  1. If you utilize the headphone jack on the top of your device, you will be able to control output volume.
  2. If you use the A/V connector on the base of the device, the output becomes line audio and cannot be controlled by the device. If using this option, you must use an amplifier or speaker system to control output volume.



The USB port on the front of our DVD players will supply power to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. But please note: power is only provided when in USB mode. If the device is playing or in use, the power usage is roughly equivalent to the charging power and batery restoration will be delayed.

This answer pertains to the (4 off) 6-32 screw positions.

ipod mount

The screw lengths required depend on the thickness of the material the device is being attached to. Taking the docking station by itself, the lengths are: at the top end is ¼” and at the bottom or connector end is ½”.

These measurements are taken from the bottom of the base to the inside of the hole.

No, there’s no charge for the Select CMS app in the Apple iTunes store. But you must have the FD200CPU-8 Ver WM hardware installed in your aircraft in order to get the wireless CMS or wireless Flight Display Moving Map features.

Does the mounting have a steady power connection? The manual says: “The mount also includes a 5 volt charger“ – Is this the only charging option?

Yes, it provides 5v of charging as long as the unit is wired for power and the breaker is pushed in. The device is provided with a wiring pigtail to attach to 28V DC aircraft power and a converter inside the unit draws that down to 5 volts for charging. Frequently customers cut off the connector and wire it without a connector, just using 2 splices, as the installation requires only two wires and they prefer to run them inside of the yoke column to their breaker. There is also a non-powered version of this product available.