(thumb drive/External Hard drive)

– The easiest way to load content onto the JetJukeBox is via thumb drive. Follow the 3 steps to load content:

Step 1: Insert thumb drive into the computer that contains the media you would like to transfer.

(Inside this thumb drive, create three subfile categories and name then videos, photos, and music)

Step 2: Locate the media files on the computer that has the content, right click on these files and select copy, then paste the copied files into their respective locations on the thumb drive you have inserted

Step 3: Remove the thumb drive that now contains the copied media files and insert it into 1 of the 6 USB ports on the JetJukeBox. An Icon that says “External Hardware” will appear on the JetJukeBox Home Screen.

You are now ready to stream your new external media!

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