The following steps will demonstrate how to load content onto the JukeBox internal hard drive:

Step 1: Copy all your desired media and content to a thumb drive

Step 2: Verify that the JetJukeBox is powered on. Once this is done, insert a mouse, keyboard, and your thumb drive via the USB ports located on the JukeBox.

Step 3: Once the Moving Map has finished loading, Press the (X) key to close the Moving Map software. If the XBMX media player program is showing then hit the (S) key which will pull up a two option tab. Select EXIT to close XBMC.

Step 4: Select the windows start menu on the bottom task bar, and then select “COMPUTER.” This will open up windows explorer. On this screen, locate your inserted thumb drive that has all your content that you want to load to the JukeBox internal hard drive.

Step 5: Once inside the thumb drive, right click and copy the files you want to add to your JetJukeBox.

Step 6: Once the files are copied, select the Internal Media (D:) drive. Identify the correct subfile (Video, Music, or Pictures) and paste your content inside the correct subfolder

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