How do I invert the Flipper screen image?

Our Flippers manufactured today are specified top or bottom for mounting and picture orientation. So it is not possible to invert the screen image.

Previously, our Flippers did have an invert feature in the menu setting.

  • If your source selection says, “CVBS1” or “CVBS2” when you press the source selector button (you may have only one source but the information is still the same) then you will not have an invert feature.
  • If your source selection says, “Composite” or “SVideo” or “RGB” when you press the source selector button then you may have the feature in your menu setting (look for invert or flip.)

How do you input Composite video to a monitor with S-Video input?

  1. Tie the Y-positive with the C-positive.
  2. Tie the Y-negative with the C-negative.
  3. Use the positive side of the connectors to go to the center conductor of the Composite video.
  4. Use the two lows (C-low and Y-low) to the return video.

For example: Referencing the Installation Manual for the 26-inch LCD, you would tie pins 5 and 7 together (these are the highs), and then also tie pins 6 and 8 (these are the lows).

Please note that in doing this, the monitor resolution may look grainy or over-pixelated because it is too sharp. To fix this, simply go into the on-screen monitor menu and reduce the sharpness down to your preferred level.