What is a Cabin Management System?

In today’s mobile connected world, business can’t stop in mid-flight. Passengers demand the same comforts in the air as they do at home or the office and Fight Display Systems listened. Our Smart Cabin cabin management system provides integrated entertainment, climate, and information controls at passenger fingertips. The Smart Cabin CMS puts all aspects of a flight experience in the palm of each passenger’s hands. Applying smart technology found in first-class commercial transportation, the Smart Cabin cabin management system delivers the following customizable features:

  • Full Virtual Office: Connect productivity files as though you were sitting behind your desk 40,000 feet above Earth. Sync and charge mobile devices and laptops to capitalize on business efficiency from within your cabin.
  • Entertainment: Control DVD/CD/MPS players from the comfort of your seat. Use your Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod to enjoy portable content in-flight. Control lights and galley equipment from any Android tablet. Watch Blu-ray movies in Full HD. Link into interactive flight maps, instant news, sports and weather. Follow the global markets in real-time and never lose sight of an investment opportunity.
  • Cabin Environment: With the swipe of a fingertip all cabin amenities become interactive and personalized. Lights, shades and audio/visual sources can be customized to fit specific moods. Control individual seat environments through limitless climate and entertainment selections from one touchscreen interface.


Through modern cabin management system technology, passengers access the same luxuries found on large-scale commercial aircraft but in an intimate personalized setting. Smart Cabin CMS is relatively easy to install and user-friendly. Each touchscreen module is equipped with intuitive screens and menus. Smart Cabin CMS comes with award-winning customer support features. Flight Display Systems has been recognized as a top provider in the annual AIN customer service survey.

Cabin management technology has innovated the way passengers maximize flight time. With superior features, Flight Display Systems cabin management platform provides a unique blend of convenience and functionality. Given the technological evolution aircrafts have experienced over the last decade, the Smart Cabin cabin management system upgrades and scales to accommodate future hi-tech breakthroughs. It is our top priority to bring customers cutting edge options that are simple and streamlined. At Flight Display Systems, we want to create a productive wireless environment right in your aircraft.